a man standing outside a building with a skateboard

Hadden Clark as the Rockville Rocket.

Season 1, Episode 3

a young girl with long brown hair smiling for the camera

Hadden Clark dressed as a woman.

Michelle Dorrs grave.

Bedroom in wich Michelle Dorr was murdered.

a display of knives on a table with a number on it
born evil by adrian haviland

Michelle Dorr, victim.

Hadden Clark's knives.

Hadden Clark's campsite in the woods.

a bed in a room with a metal frame

Laura Houghteling’s missing poster. She’s a victim of this monster.

a white nissan truck is parked in a garage
a man in jeans and a hat is standing next to a sign

Hadden Irving Clark

Suggested reading.

a missing person poster for laura hougheling

Hadden Clark's truck.

Hadden Clark

Hadden Clark mugshots.

a pile of stuffed animals in the woods
a picture of a young girl and a picture of a missing girl
a young girl in a white dress is smiling for the camera
a tent with a bed inside of it