Missing Mini 6

Timmothy Pitzen

The once happy Pitzen family.

Sweet family photos and snapshots of Timmothy and some with his parents.

His mother, Amy Fry-Pitzen. Amy is now deceased due to committing suicide. She his hidden Timmothy somewhere from the world including his own father who is so very heartbroken. Timmothy remains missing today.

Amy checking Timmothy out of school due to a “family emergency.”

More footage of the two in different hotels.

More surveillance footage.

Timmothy’s father, Jim, just wants his only child back so badly. :(

Age progression based on forensics and family history released by NCMEC. Please be on the lookout for a teen that looks like this or similar!

The man that claimed he was Timmothy, Michael Rini. He was sentenced to 2 years in prison for the hoax.

Please find Timmothy! Authorities and his father really do believe he could be living his life with whoever Amy gave him to as someone else. He probably has no idea who he is. Please be on the lookout for him!

As of today, Timmothy would be 16 years old. He is a white male with brown hair and brown eyes. Anyone having any information should Contact the Aurora Police Department, 630-256-5000 or NCMEC at 1-800-The Lost. Even if it’s a small tip, please make the call!