Last 7 pages of Elisa’s Autopsy Report.

Next 10 pages of Elisa’s Autopsy Report.

The infamous elevator surveillance video.

Season 1, Episode 1

Elisa Lam

It’s here! First episode! **Again! Please don’t judge too harshly. I’m still learning and I’m working on the audio as well as anything else. It’s a learning process. ♥️ Thanks for listening!!**

First 10 pages of Elisa Lam’s Autopsy Report.


- Arrived in LA from San Diego, Jan. 26th 2013 via LAPD and was headed to Santa Cruz as part of her solo trip around the West Coast.

- Checked in to Cecil Hotel Jan 28th, checkout scheduled for feb 1st via LAPD

- Last seen- Hotel lobby Jan 31st via LAPD

- Last phone contact with family Jan 31st via Vancouver Police

- Katie Orphan owner of "THE LAST BOOKSTORE" recalls talking to Elisa on Jan 31st in her book store.

- LAPD go public seek help in locating Feb 6th

- LAPD release video of Elisa Feb 13th, the video is a security video showing one of the Hotel Cecil's 2 elevators. Video is circa Jan 31st to Feb 1st

- Found in Water tank Hotel Cecil Feb 19th by hotel worker while investigating low water pressure, bad taste, and black water in hotel.